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The woodland garden is a magical place. We have owned the woodland garden since 2000 and have spent many years there with family and friends enjoying the calm and serenity it can bring to ones life.

What You Find At The Woodland Garden

Filled with hidden treasures and many wonders both big and small. The real attraction is that for those who will take the time there are many discoveries that will fill you with hours of enjoyment.Hours spent in a woodland garden will reward you with a peaceful and tranquil spot to enjoy Mother Nature at her best.This site is devoted to all things woodland garden. Explore all the beauty and flora that a woodland garden will hold for you.

  • Learn tips and tricks on developing your own woodland garden.
  • Woodland  plants Culture and Care.
  • Woodland plant picture gallery .
  • Sources for woodland plants.
  • Woodland garden design.
  • Our woodland album
  • Discover resources to help you with your own gardening efforts.

What ever you are looking for about woodland gardens you can find here and if it is not here you will be able to find where to get it.

No matter how large or small your wooded area is you will be able to find great ideas to help you transform it into your own woodland garden. The ever changing woodlands attracts wonderful woodland creatures that will take up residence and give you untold hours enjoyment observing as they live and play in the natural habitat that you help create.

The pleasure of spending a summer afternoon enjoying all the beauty and faun a woodland has tooffers is almost impossible to describe but  once you experience it you will never forget it.

Leave a comment or submit a story or article about your own woodland garden experiences. We would like this site to be a great help and resource for all who visit here so please enjoy and discover the joys of the woodland garden!



Columbines, are great woodland plant that grows wild in woodlands and mountain areas. Columbines have a wide variety of colors and grow quite easily. One of my all time favorites these flowers are great to bring in color to the woodland garden. Columbines Culture And Care Columbines grow best in rich most well drained soil …

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Bergenias are perennial flowers’ also known as pigsqueaks.Producing clusters of bell shaped flowers on a 12 inch spike  in early Spring in colors from pale pink to ruby red these flowers only last for a couple weeks. With rounded evergreen leaves that can grow up to a foot long that change color in the winter …

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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Bleeding hearts are make great plants for the woodland garden. It is easy to see the origin of Dicentra’s common name of bleeding hearts these whimsical plants with the bracts of heart shaped flowers with a single drop of blood hanging below are a candidate for a specimen plant in the woodland garden. Bleeding Heart …

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Astilbe Culture And Care

Astilbe Astilbe are shade loving plants that do well in shade to partial shade and astilbe will grow in damp soil. Doing well in zone 3 thru 9 the feather plums of flowers appear in late spring to early summer in shades of white, pink, red, and purple. The dark green fern like foliage of …

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