Astilbe Culture And Care


Astilbe are shade loving plants that do well in shade to partial shade and astilbe will grow in damp soil. Doing well in zone 3 thru 9 the feather plums of flowers appear in late spring to early summer in shades of white, pink, red, and purple.

The dark green fern like foliage of Astilbe  contrasts well with Heuchera, Hostas, and Ligularia and once the flowers have faded  and dried they may be left on the plants for interest or removed. The plants will die back to the ground each fall

Astilbe are best propagated with root divisions in the spring and are a perennial that should be divide every 4 to 5 years. They prefer a rich and moist humus soil. A little compost each spring will help the plants to grow to full large clumps.

Astilbe are relatively  free of pests and do not seem to be bothered by deer.  The most important thing to watch out for is soil moisture dry soil will quickly cause their demise


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