Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Bleeding HeartBleeding hearts are make great plants for the woodland garden. It is easy to see the origin of Dicentra’s common name of bleeding hearts these whimsical plants with the bracts of heart shaped flowers with a single drop of blood hanging below are a candidate for a specimen plant in the woodland garden.

Bleeding Heart Culture And Care

If there is one draw back to Dicentra it is that after flowering the foliage dies back to the ground. By offering supplemental watering you can delay this process for a while but by early summer they usually fade away.

Bleeding hearts do best in moist well drained soil in shade to part shade but will tolerate a little sun.
They will grow in zones 3 thru 9 and are relatively deer resistant. This perennial plant appears each spring and will grow from 1′ to 3′ wide.

When planting bleeding hearts in the woodland garden a good design tip would to be to plant it amongst ferns other shade loving perennials or hostas that can fill in the holes when the plants dies back.

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