Clearing The Fire Pit Area

As I said in an earlier post the woodland garden had not been occupied for a long time before we acquired it. It was very much overgrown and while beautiful it was a diamond in the rough.
Here is a shot of the original fire pit area if you look closely at the trees you will be able to match the areas up pretty close. As you can see there was a lot of clearing to do back then.

A View Of The Original Fire Pit Area

The Original Fire Pit Area

We spent a lot of weekends out there the first year most of them burning and clearing. But the work was enjoyable. At first I was thinking about all that had to be done and was hoping to complete it all the first year. Well that thought and notion quickly got swept aside and I came to my senses and realized this was more of an ongoing development plan. Even today I have a list of projects that I want to get to. After a lot of work the majority of clearing was done and improvements were made a little at a time.

Todays View Of That Area

Todays View Of That Fire Pit Area

In case you are wondering the very handsome and well groomed gentleman in the original photo is me enjoying some liquid refreshment as I chop and burn burn and chop.

We really did not envision everything the property would be that first year but I wanted to match up one more photo of the fire pit area.

This another view of the fire pit area.

A View Looking Down On The Fire Pit

Lots Of Clearing And Burning Of Brush

After all of the labor and work we put in we now have a great fire pit. The overall cost for materials was really cheap. The lumber for the pit area and benches amounted to about $260.00 the gravel was $145.00 We purchased the curved blocks from the Hardware Store on site for $45.00. If you think about the view from the deck of the new area It was well worth it. Especially if you add in the memories of the campfires we have had around that fire pit.
A View Of Todays Fire Pit Area

I Think It Was Worth The Effort

Here is something I saw on a sign at the local nursery“A Garden Is A Friend You Can Always Visit!”

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