ColumbineColumbines, are great woodland plant that grows wild in woodlands and mountain areas. Columbines have a wide variety of colors and grow quite easily. One of my all time favorites these flowers are great to bring in color to the woodland garden.

Columbines Culture And Care

Columbines grow best in rich most well drained soil combined with some morning sun and afternoon shade you have a formula for the perfect location.

Columbines should be planted at least a foot apart to allow for lateral growth as they will quickly fill in, Mulch around the base of the plants lightly to help keep in moisture and keep the roots cool. Columbines do not like heat.

You can grow columbines from seed but the seeds need a cold period of at least 3 to 4 weeks before they can germinate so you will need to store the seeds in the refrigerator before planting them in the spring,A better solution is plant them in the fall and let nature take it’s course when spring rolls around.

Soil should be kept moist and the seed covered with just a dusting of fine soil. Germination should take about 30 days.The plants are biennial so will not flower till the 2nd year. The key is do not let soil dry out.

Plants should be dug up and split every 3 to 4 years to keep healthy new growth. A columbine will die off after about 5 years so then you will need to start with new seeding if you are not splitting the plants regularly.

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