Early Spring Flowers Emerging At The Woodland Garden

Yesterdays trip to the woodland garden was not the finest of days. The weather was in the upper 30’s and it was drizzling rain well until late afternoon when it changed over to snow. None the less the time was well spent as it was in the trailer cleanup day Cleaning all the nooks and crannies of spiderwebs and dust that had accumulated over the winter. Also the occasional stash of acorns courtesy of our winter guest.

After all the vacuuming was done the drawers and cupboards where washed down. When all was ready the dishes, pots and pans, as well as silverware were all washed and put away. The window were cleaned and floors washed everything is ready for our first weekend stay at the end of the month.

Daffodils I did get a chance to walk around a bit between showers and check on the early spring flowers at the woodland garden. Of course the daffodils were in bloom which is always a welcome sign as spring.





Bleeding HeartThe bleeding heart is coming along nicely It seems like each year it is more beautiful than the year before.






May AppleThe May Apples that were just a nub coming out of the ground are starting to unfurl their umbrella like leaves.






Trillium grandiflorumThe Trillium grandiflorum are starting to show and will be showing their beautiful white flowers in just a couple of weeks.All in All there has been a lot of changes in just the last week.





Next weekend will be Easter so there will be no trip to the woodland gardens as family obligations come  first. The following week will be the first weekend stay as it is also the big Spring Fling Weekend. There will be many activities as well as a plant sale so it should be a large turnout of property owners. I hope you have a great week . I will be busy this week at  the urban garden as the early spring plantings for the color pots will be arriving on Monday and need to be planted right away. Cleanup still continues there as well, so a busy schedule for Easter week.





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