Finally A Glimmer Of Hope That Spring Has Arrived!

Yesterday I went out to the woodland garden for the first time this year to really take a look around and to pickup some tools that I needed for an upcoming project. There are a lot of leaves this spring as a result of my slackness last fall. I was tempted to spend the afternoon burning and raking but opted instead to blow the leaves out of the perennial beds and into a pile for burning latter. This was a quick job that only took about 45 minutes. While my angst over the ton of leaves that were everywhere was not resolved I felt that I had made an attempt to get things a bit under control. I have this almost anal compulsion when it comes getting things looking good . I even find myself looking at other peoples gardens and think this or that should be done to make things look right. So it was a tiny victory.

What gives me hope that Spring is here is that after removing the leaves from the beds I got to see the first shoots of the early perennials starting to poke up and start there quest for the spring sunshine . That is the best part of spring I think , seeing the barren earth starting to pop with hints of the new plants and flowers that will adorn our environment for the upcoming months .

I know that in the next two weeks or so I will be back at the woodland garden battling all those leaves because now that I seen them they will be on my mind. It was a good trip and even though I did not leave with everything in order I did leave with the positive outlook that spring has actually arrived.

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