Headed To The Woodland Garden

Well today is a bit cooler than last week but it should be dry. I will be heading out shortly for another day at the woodland garden to finish the leaf cleanup and getting the beds cleared of winter debris. The cooler weather may be a blessing when it comes to the leaf burning that fire can get a bit warm.

The other reason for the trip of course are my feathered friends. I want to be sure that the bird feeders are full as this is an must in attracting wild birds to your garden. A consistent source of food is very important to get the birds to return every day. Once they know that there will be food waiting they will come back and bring their friends.

Along with the chores this week I will be putting together a list of projects. I do not always get a chance to complete all the projects that I put down on my plan but sometimes due to time constraints, money constraints, or a project of higher priority  will push some things over to the on hold list. It is just like anything else only so much time and resources can be devoted. I will be listing some of the scheduled projects in the next post.

Even though today maybe a bit chilly try to get out to your garden and get something done even if it is minor.The more that gets done now the more time you will have latter to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A garden is for inspiration so do not let the list of chores overwhelm you, take them one at a time and finish when you finish.

I will be posting an update when I get back either tonight or tomorrow.


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