New Plants At The Woodland Garden

May Appleswhile visiting the woodland garden this past weekend I see the May Apples emerging.The two little nubs coming up out of the ground do not look like very much. The fact is in about a month or so there will be a whole big patch of May Apples in this corner of the woodland garden. May apples like many woodland plants appear for just a short time and then disappear for the rest of the year. The tiny berry size fruit is edible when it is soft and yellow and has fallen from the plant, but poisonous if eaten while green and not matured. I have never tried them but the squirrels go crazy over them. The real attraction for me is the umbrella like foliage.


Speaking of woodland plants this week my order of woodland plants will be arriving so next weekend they will be planted out at the woodland garden. A new variety of Astilbe as well as a ground cover ‘Karasuba Mukdenia rossii” and a couple of other plants which I will share with you in the next post. Thank goodness I have finished cleaning up the lot this week and will be ready for them. The beds are in need of some attention and this is just the thing to get them spruced up some new additions.

The days at the woodland garden never seem long enough to get my chores done or to relax in the serene setting  of a beautiful habitat surround by nature and the woodland critters, before it is time to head home.This weekend will be the next to last last visit before Easter so basically I have two weeks to get the place in shape as the weekend after Easter will be the first weekend long visit. If it were up to me I sometimes think that I would just go live in the woodlands,  but me and the state lottery officials can not seem to connect with the same numbers.

This weekend past was another great Spring day and I really did enjoy the weather this coming weekend the weather forecast is for 67 degrees and sunny on Saturday now that is a day to look forward to but today is only Tuesday “Oh Bother”! I will be working on the beds and settling the new plants in as well. I will probably have to go pull a construction permit so that I can replace the front deck as it is well past it’s prime and need of attention. Each week I find a new project to attend to but I also find some time to just sit and absorb the peacefulness and beauty and after all isn’t that what a garden is for.



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