New Project Completed At The Woodland Garden

door replacement at the woodland gardenThe weather yesterday was spectacular it was sunny and 77 degrees the perfect day to get some work done at the woodland garden. I have known now fro a while the door to the trailer needed replacement so with a good day of weather I knocked this project out. Because this is an original park model manufactured back in the 80’s by the Park Mobile Home Company you can not just get a new door from the manufacturer. Well you can’t get any other parts either as the company is no longer in business. The alternative was a new door from the home improvement center that hand to be cut down to fit. It was a bit of a challenge but it got done.


Tree Eating  Deck At Tha Woodland GardenThe next project is a bit more serious as you can see the tree at the left is starting to grow into the deck. The choices cut the tree down or cut the deck. I believe next weeks project will involve modifying the deck to make the tree happy. This is a pretty large oak and it was there first over the last ten years or so it has grown into the deck. While cutting into the deck and giving the tree some room will alleviate the immediate problem a more permanent solution will be needed to address this issue as the screen room will need to be relocated in a couple of more years. This looks like it will be a major project in a year or two but for now it will relieve the stress on the tree and the deck.


The new woodland plants did arrive for the woodland gardens but because the ground was too soggy due to heavy storms the day before the plantings will go in next week. I will post those pictures with the article. Have a great week and get out in your gardens!

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