First Day Of Spring 2012 2 Month 1 week

Well spring is on the way two months and two weeks. It will be great to get out to the woodland garden again. As much work as it is to get it ready each Spring it is something that I have grown accustomed to and actually look forward to.. After a long winter the cabin fever will get to you. This year though it is different there has been snow cover no bitter temperatures actually way above normal in the 40’s a lot.

That will change tonight wit the first significant snow of the season maybe 2″ to 4″ nothing really compared to last years Ground Hog Day 22″ Blizzard.Just an inconvenience really. It will be enough to snap me back to reality though and make mme have to work for my money this week..

As we get closer to spring I will be posting some updates on the coming gardening season check back i about two weeks. Have a great week and hang in there Spring Is Coming !

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The Woodland Garden Is Coming Alive

As we transition into May the woodland garden is really starting to come  alive, Tomorrow will be Mothers Day the unofficial start of the gardening season. The garden centers are bursting at the seams with all manner of plants and tomorrow will probably be a mad house. I will be headed for the woodland garden in two hours even though I would really like to go and spend time being bumped and jostled around the petunias and firecracker plants. I have a lot of patience but I do not like to go elbow to elbow while picking out plants.

This weekend I will be mostly be bringing  supplies and equipment out to the woodland garden for the upcoming weekend. I plan to make it a four day weekend next week so I want to get as much materials and supplies out as possible,.There is always the ability to run out to the home improvement centers for forgotten supplies but I try to reserve that for only last ditch efforts as it is about a 30 mile round trip and I really do not like to spend my time at the woodland garden out shoping.

The trees are just starting to leaf out and soon the canopy of shade will start to fill in and the dappled sunlight will grace the woodland gardens floor. The shade will be a cool and soothing respite from mid summers sun  which will be here soon enough. I truly can say that it is a retreat for the mind, body, and soul being out in the woodland garden and experiencing all that nature can do.

If you have any questions about woodland plants or comments please get in touch I would love to hear from you. Time to head off but a Happy Mothers Day to everyone and we will update you on this weekends adventures tomorrow!


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May 1 May Day At The Woodland Garden

May Day at the woodland garden this year was a great day. I planted new trees that I had acquired at the annual tree sale as well as two free trees provided by Woodhaven Lakes. The trees are offered each year bare root at a very reasonable price. I purchased 2 Kentucky Coffee Trees, 1 Chinkapin Oak, and  1 Freeman Maple. The trees are small but will establish and grow quickly. The two free trees that I received were a Norway Spruce and a Black Hills Spruce. These trees will be a great addition for the woodland garden and add something for future generations to enjoy.

The Best Time To Plant A Tress Is Twenty Years Ago! The Next Best Time Is Today!


DaffodilsThe weather was very nice but a bit windy. I was very happy to see that the daffodils were all in bloom and spreading nicely. The spring garden is not complete with out their bright cherry faces.

The May Apples were only just poking out of the ground two weeks ago are now emerged and in all their glory and have spread even further this year. I will be planting the new arrivals this coming week as the weather slowed me down a bit.

Along with everything else going on at the woodland garden I have taken some time just to sit and enjoy the 10 years of work and love that has gone into creating this garden. It seems hard to believe that ten years has passed already but as we all know time marches on and so to enjoy the little moments it is a great reward.

A garden is your own expression and creation, make it what you want and like then spend as much time there as you can. The garden it will be a great source of joy and fulfillment!


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Woodland Garden Spring Fling 2011

Today is the start of the Spring Fling Weekend out at the woodland garden. I will be out for the weekend enjoying the great weather and getting this years projects lined up as well as enjoying some down time.

I will update you when we get back . Have a great weekend.

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Woodland Plantings Ready

This is going to be a long week as the days will drag on until Friday. This upcoming weekend will be the first to be spent out at the woodland gardens this year. Earlier day trips were great but it seems as if a few hours pass so quickly and then it is time to go.. Along with the first weekend Woodhaven will also be hosting the Spring Fling Weekend so a lot of activities will be taking place.

New Woodland Garden PlantsThis weekend the new woodland garden plants will be installed and I can hardly wait. Pictured at the left are astilbe ‘Maggie Daley’, Mukdenia rossii ‘Karasuba’, Cimicifuga ‘Hillside Black Beauty’, also some toad lilies. It is a group of woodland plants that I think should do well in our woodland garden.

Adding to the plantings is always on my list of to do projects. My hope is to have a diverse garden with as many different woodland plants as possible. The diversity is what I think will give the woodland garden it’s charm.


Along with the plantings of course I will be tackling a few other projects. For a couple of years now I have allowed the woodpile to get into shambles and even though it is at the back of the property it still needs to be addressed. There are also yearly task such as the planting beds and the walk paths that need attention. It will not e all work as some time will be spent enjoying the peace and serenity of the woodland gardens and all of it’s inhabitants. Well that is really not true, all of it’s inhabitants EXCEPT THE MOLES!

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