Spring Arrives This Week At The Woodland Garden

This week Spring will arrive at the Woodland Garden and This weekend will be the first trip out for the season. There is always a great anticipation on the first trip out and although I am sure there will be much work ahead it will be great to get back to this little piece of paradise!

There are many projects ahead this year but first things first and that will be the installation of two new bird feeders for my favorite visitors. I think one of the best activities at the woodland gardens is watching the birds as they sing and look for new mates but I especially like watching the new babies learning to fly.

There will be new plantings going in this spring and they are on order and I expect them to arrive in April. This weekend and probably the next two will be devoted to cleanup of the beds and trailer. I do have a large construction project planned as an addition to the trailer but I am not sure if it will happen this year or not.

The important thing for me is that I am anxious to get out there and get those feeders up so I can get started. I must admit even after more than half a century there are things that get me excited with the anticipation I use to feel as a young child when Christmas was drawing near. Getting back out to the woodland garden is one of them.

Please check back each week and follow me as I go through another year at the woodland garden. Stay tuned the fun begins this coming weekend

About Glenn

Glenn Bronner is a professional groundskeeper with over 45 years of horticultural experience. Glenn is a published author of hundreds of articles on gardening and gardening related subjects. Glenn gardens in zone 5 in the Chicagoland area. You may visit him at http://www.glenns-garden.com http://thewoodlandgarden.com http://backyardvegetablegardening.com http://bagreenthumb.com http://mastergardenermagazine.com
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