The History Of The Woodland Garden Part One

We first purchased the Woodland Garden back in 2000. It was love at first site and I knew before I got out of the car that I wanted it. It had not been occupied for well over 5 years and even then not much had been done to it for a least the previous five years. That did not matter once I saw all those big trees I was hooked.

It even came with a trailer and small deck. What else could you ask for. We quickly decided to purchase and were the proud owners only 2 weeks latter of the Woodland Garden. We went out that first weekend and spent the day cleaning the little trailer and cleaning up debris from the surrounding area. Finally it was time to hook up the water which I did with a garden hose. Well the water worked sort of. A minute after I turned it on we had water not in the faucets but out from the walls and under the floor apparently it was never winterized and all the pipes had frozen and exploded behind the walls.

Our Original Trailer

Our First Trailer

Well as you can imagine this was a big disappointment to us. So we pitched the tent and spent the night in it. The next day I was a bit more adventurous and started to do a thorough inspection and decided that it would take a humongous amount of time,energy, and money to repair the poor neglected trailer. So we took a drive down the street to look at some new and used park model trailers at the dealers. We saw several that were really nice and would of bought one but the price tags were in the $22,000.00 to $35,000.00 range and I did not want another loan payment. It was a bit of a let down on the way back to Woodhaven lakes we stopped at one last dealer he said he had just taken a trailer in on trade and that it was a little rough but he would set it up on our lot and get rid of the old trailer for $2,500.00 it was a deal.This was what we got.

The New Trailer

The New Trailer

As you can see we cleaned the lot up but more about this in a latter post

About Glenn

Glenn Bronner is a professional groundskeeper with over 45 years of horticultural experience. Glenn is a published author of hundreds of articles on gardening and gardening related subjects. Glenn gardens in zone 5 in the Chicagoland area. You may visit him at
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